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I have not done anything main story related yet aside finding concord. It's just been me exploring and being whacky with my best friend Strong the super mutant. I'm trying to cover the whole map and all the locations before actually venturing to Diamond City. Anyways, my dilemma as stated in the title of this post has to do with the Secret Of The Cabot House quest line.

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I finally reached the climax where I'm in the same room being yelled at by Jack and Lorenzo. So my question for all of you is, who did YOU side with?

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And do you regret your choice? Also as a bonus, which resulted in yielding better benefits both short term and long term? Many thanks in advance for anyone who answers and participates! I sided with Lorenzo.

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I was happy with my choice. Maccready and I went back to the house and killed the family, then looted everything. Lorenzo gave me the serum and I used it to get through the radiation zone.

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I ran into him later and learned he'd been traveling around and thought that was pretty cool. See that's what I find interesting, because the caveat I've seen is when he gives you a bottle of the "Serum" he says not to sell or give it to anyone. Let Lorenzo out. Went back to Cabot house, changed sides and killed Lorenzo.

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Pimp AF. How'd you convince everyone to not shoot and try to kill you? Lorenzo in my first playthrough. He's a creepy guy with a cool hat. Shot him at one point and was sad I couldn't take it.


Depends on how long you intend to play that character. The serum loses it's usefulness at higher levels. I normally play a "nice" character so I always used to side with Jack. But then I found no great benefit in doing so and decided I wanted the supply of serum one gets from siding with Lorenzo a bit of sociopathic thinking. However, even though I never use power armor, I found I never used even half of the eight or nine serum one gets in the quest. So I never needed the supply from Lorenzo after all.

So next time I'll be back to siding with Jack. That's how I'm playing the game.

Arkansas Sluts

Not as a goody two shoes, but not a total dick either. Killed them both. I let jack out then turned on Jack and killed him. Took a while to do that but I killed him.

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You mean Lorenzo? And I figured he'd be hard to kill as he's apparently entered deity status of sorts. Neither, I don't complete that quest anymore becuase it feels so out of place and weird. That doesn't contribute anything at all to the conversation in a meaningful way, but I do respect your opinion.

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So kudos for that. Found the internet!


Who did you side with? Lorenzo or Jack Cabot? Posted by 3 years ago.

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Sort by: best. I sided with Jack but then I got bored and killed everyone. Mmmmm gotcha gotcha. Continue this thread. That is definitely pimping AF. Old World Flag.


Lorenzo for the mysterious serum its insanely useful. Word, that RAD is absolutely tempting. That hat really is cool. Holy crap!

Personals near Arkansas

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