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When elderly people or adults with physical disabilities are no longer able to care for themselves in their own homes, adult foster care may be an option. Adult foster homes are single-family residences that offer hour care in a home-like setting.

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A wide variety of residents are served in adult foster homes, from those needing only room, board and minimal personal assistance to those residents needing full personal care, or skilled nursing care with the help of community-based registered nurses. A Guide to Oregon Adult Foster Homes is available for potential adult foster home residents who are 65 years of age and older or adults with physical disabilities:. The goal of an adult foster home e is to provide care and services to residents while supporting their independence, choice and right to make decisions.

Adult foster homes provide the opportunity for residents to reside in a safe and caring family-like environment.

Overview of Adult Foster Home Program

Adult foster homes in Oregon are inspected and d, both before the e can accept residents and then at least annually as long as the e stays in business. Every potential adult foster home e must meet certain standards in order to obtain a to operate an adult foster home. Minimum requirements to become d as an adult foster home provider in Oregon include:.


Providing adult foster care is ideal for those who wish to work from home, own their own business and provide personal care and services outside of an institutional setting. To receive an application, or for more information about providing adult foster care in Oregon, please contact your local adult foster home licensing office.

In each classification, the e may only admit residents with a certain of impairments. These impairments are defined according to six major activities of daily living ADLsincluding:. Adult foster home classifications are then based on the level of care that potential residents might need and the experience and training of the e and resident manager or shift caregivers, as applicable.

CLASS 2: A class 2 may be issued if the applicant has two or more years of experience providing care to adults who are elderly or physically disabled. CLASS 3: A class 3 may be issued if the applicant is a currently d health care professional in Oregon or if the applicant possesses the following qualifications:. Representatives from the local office also conduct annual licensing inspections in the adult foster homes, and investigate complaints and concerns if they arise.

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Adult foster home es in Oregon are independent business owners. They are not employees of the State of Oregon. There are two payment options for these types of businesses.

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OPTION ONE is private pay, where the resident has a contract with the e to pay a certain amount of money each month in return for specific care and services. The contract between the resident and the e should include the basic monthly rate note: these services and costs vary between homes and must be explicit in the contract.

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Additional fees may be assessed for care and services in addition to the basic rate, such as:. OPTION TWO is for es who agree to care for residents who are eligible for Medicaid, which provides health care insurance for low-income residents through a federal and state partnership.

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This determination will be based on the resident's care needs. The e must accept that amount as payment in full and cannot ask for or accept additional compensation from the resident or any other person.

All care providers in adult foster homes must respect the residents' rights of privacy, dignity, independence and the right to make independent choices. Each adult foster home must post the DHS Residents' Bill of Rights in the adult foster home and discuss those rights with each new resident at the time of admission. House policies include any restrictions or limitations on the use of the adult foster home by residents such as use of tobacco or alcohol, use of telephones, use of medical marijuana, guidelines around visitors, etc. Menu Oregon.

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What is adult foster home care in Oregon? A Guide to Oregon Adult Foster Homes is available for potential adult foster home residents who are 65 years of age and older or adults with physical disabilities: English Version Spanish Version What are adult foster home providers responsible for?

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Adult foster home providers may help with: eating dressing bowel and bladder care bathing and grooming walking, which may include getting in or out of a bed or a chair behavioral issues as needed. They also perform general tasks including: laundry medication management meal preparation transportation arrangements Does the state oversee Oregon's adult foster homes? What does it take to become an adult foster home e in Oregon?

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Minimum requirements to become d as an adult foster home provider in Oregon include: Being of good character; Pass the department's background check; Being at least 21 years of age; Having a home that meets the structural and safety requirements of the adult foster home program; Having the financial resources required to open and maintain an adult foster home business; Being literate in the English language; Guaranteeing that the d provider or a qualified resident manager lives in the adult foster home; Completing an adult foster home basic training course and passing an exam, based on that course; Being physically and mentally fit and able to provide care to five or fewer seniors or adults with physical disabilities; and Having the ability to maintain qualified caregivers sufficient to meet the needs of each resident.

What are the disadvantages of becoming an adult foster home e? Adult foster home es may face some or all of the following challenges: Loss of Classified escort in Oregon with additional people living in the home; The death of people they are very attached to and love; Lifting, moving or caring for people who are immobile, who fall easily, have problems eating or become incontinent, and have conditions that may not improve; or Having to make complex care decisions for residents while respectfully and mindfully working with families, professionals and the resident him or herself, who may have competing interests.

For those who become adult foster home es, the advantages far outweigh the challenges.


What are the benefits of becoming an adult foster home e? Who do I contact to learn more about becoming an adult foster home e in Oregon? What are the three classifications of adult foster homes? Issues with confusion, disorientation, forgetfulness or wandering may be considered behavior management needs.

Has satisfactory references from at least two d health care professionals who have direct knowledge of the applicant's ability and experience as a caregiver. How much are adult foster home es paid? Can residents do anything they want when living in my home?

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